DD print core compatibility

The Ultimaker abrasive resistant DD print core is intended for printing ceramic support interface layers for Metal FFF 3D printing.

Note:  the DD core is only compatible with the Ultimaker S3 or Ultimaker S5 (Pro Bundle), as these machines feature abrasive-resistant feeder wheels that can handle prolonged use of abrasive materials.

Current list of materials compatible with DD 0.4 print core

At the moment, Material Alliance partners are working on making their materials compatible with the DD 0.4 print core. On the Ultimaker Marketplace a filter is added to show which materials are currently compatible with the DD 0.4 print core.

Can I print non-listed materials with the DD 0.4 core?

Ultimaker officially supports all materials our partners make available to the DD print core. Experimenting with other materials and print profiles for the DD core is not recommended.

Caution: When a print profile does not exist, extra caution should be paid when experimenting with the settings and print core. Clogging may occur - especially with materials that have high fiber content, or that have long fibers. Apply frequent maintenance and cleaning to the print cores.

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