Load and unload materials in the Material Station

With a Material Station, loading and unloading materials is quick and simple, and can be done from the front. The materials will be pre-loaded into the Material Station and will be automatically forwarded to the print head when a print is started.

Loading material

Loading a new spool of material into the Material Station can be done at any time, even during a print.

Prepare the spool Before loading a material, always check the filament tip. Use wire cutters (included in the accessories) to cut off the end of the filament, ensuring a short, sharp tip.
Place the spool Open the Material Station door. This will automatically open the Configuration menu on the Ultimaker S5 display. Place the spool into an available material bay with the NFC tag on the left side. If there are no available bays, unload a spool first.
Insert into entry port Take the end of the filament and insert it into one of the entry ports. This will guide the material to extruder 1 or extruders. Push until you feel the prefeeder grip the filament.
Material type Wait until the Material Station detects the material type. When using a third-party material, you can manually select the material type. Learn more about syncing material profiles here.

The new material is now pre-loaded. It will remain inside the humidity-controlled Material Station until it is required for a print. The Material Station and Ultimaker S5 will then automatically load the material to the print head.

Load-filament-Material-Station1.jpg Load-filament-Material-Station2.jpg

Tip: You can load the material into either extruder. When pre-loading, it is not important that the material is compatible with the currently installed print core. However, when a configuration change is needed for a new print job, replace the print core before the print can start.

Tip: It is recommended to load stiff filaments (such as PVA) in an extrusion path with the fewest curves to reduce stress on the filament. For extruder 1, place the spool in bay A and for extruder 2, place the spool in bay F.

Unload material

Removing a material spool from the Material Station can be done in seconds. This is possible for pre-loaded materials during printing as well as in an idle state. You can remove a spool when it is empty, or if you want to replace it with a different type of material.

Tip: It is recommended to timely remove empty spools from the Material Station. When end-of-filament has been detected, a length of material remains. It is possible that this does not coil back on the spool neatly.

Gently open the glass door of the Material Station. Press the eject button of the corresponding material bay to eject the pre-loaded filament. Remove the material spool from the material bay and store it according to the recommended storage conditions.


Note: The materials in use during a print or parked above the print head are blocked from unloading. Active materials are indicated by a blue light. These materials will automatically unload back into the Material Station when the parking timer runs out, or when a different material is required for the next print job.

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