How to connect your Air Manager to an external extraction system

The Ultimaker S5 Air Manager contains an EPA filter, which filters up to 95% of UFPs during printing. This is sufficient to create a safe printing environment when working with Ultimaker materials and most third-party filaments.

Certain materials require additional ventilation. The Air Manager does not filter VOCs from the 3D printing process.

The hardware of the Air Manager has been prepared to facilitate connecting an external ventilation system. An adapter can be secured using the four holes in the Air Manager cover. The accessories of the Air Manager contain a set of screws and lock nuts and a hex key which can be used to secure the adapter.

Please follow the guidelines for connecting your Air Manager to an external extraction system:

User guidelines on VOC emissions and safe working environment preparation

Note: The guide linked above is created specifically for 3D printing Metal, but it can be utilized for all materials that produce VOCs or need external extraction.

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