Should I worry about an Ultimaker 3 temperature heat spike?

The Ultimaker 3's temperature graph can be monitored directly via the API. When observing this graph, it may occur that the printer displays the following:

  1. 700°C Temperature spike
  2. Stabilizing temperature process


700°C Temperature spike

The 700°C degrees spikes are often caused by a communication error to the print head.

Short error bursts like the one displayed above have little impact, but when your printer is one of the early UM3 models, then it's good to know that Ultimaker improved the tension relief on the cable in newer models to reduce these errors.

If you see multiple occurunces or experience temperature or communication errors, please contact Ultimaker customer support.

Stabilizing temperature

This is normal behavior for the Ultimaker 3. When the target temperature has been reached, it will take some time for the temperature in the nozzle to stabilize.

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