Ultimaker Cura 5 does not install, start or crashes on Linux

Linux as an operating system is supported by Ultimaker Cura:

"All of the major Linux versions (Arch, Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, Gentoo and Redhat) support AppImage by default, no need to install anything. You just download the .AppImage file and run it to start Cura.
Some barebones installations need to get libfuse2 installed, and older installations need to make sure they have a modern glibc version"


Please ensure to have installed an updated version of the following libraries:

  • LibFuse (At least version 2)


Is your issues/error OpenGL related? Try to re-install your graphic card (GPU) drivers. If you are using open source drivers, please try to install the propitiatory GPU driver instead.

Community threads

If you are still stuck after reading this article, please consider these community threads for additional tips and solutions. You might also be able to find additional help here:

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