How to design your model for metal printing?

Designing your model for Metal FFF has different requirements than using other materials. The main reasons are: 

  1. Shrinkage of the material
  2. Support removal
  3. Stability of the model during the sintering and debinding process

Ultimaker Cura 5.1 has features to automatically correct for shrinkage and increases the part stability. When using Cura 5.1, there are three important remaining design constraints:

Maximum part size is 100x100x100 mm. This has a technological reason, because of shrinkage, debinding penetration and homogeneous heat distribution.


Unsupported thin walls no greater than 6 to 1. To minimize the chance of structural collapse, height to width ratios no greater than 6 to 1 have been proven  to be effective.


Individual component details. The recommended minimal wall thickness: 2 x line width (0.8mm for CC 0.4, 1.2mm for CC 0.6).

Maximum wall thickness. To ensure the debinding process completely reaches the insides of the 3D model, walls may not be thicker than 30mm. MFFF_Maximum_wall_thickness.png

Tip: More detailed information can be found in your Ultimaker Academy subscription that is supplied with the purchase of your Metal Expansion Kit.

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