Using glue on the Ultimaker Original+

The Ultimaker Original+ a heated build plate. This feature heats up the glass print surface during printing to improve adhesion. For some materials, it is recommended to apply a thin layer of glue to the glass plate, using the glue stick from the printer kit. 

When to use glue?

The recommended use of glue depends on the material used, as well as the size and shape of the model. For a recommendation per Ultimaker material type, please visit the How to print guidelines in the Materials section, or this page:

What type of glue should I use for build plate adhesion?

A material like PLA has low shrinkage. This means that the material does not contract so much when it cools down. For smaller prints in PLA, it can be possible to print directly on the glass plate. Ensure that the glass is thoroughly clean and free from dust and oils. For models with a very large footprint, it is recommended to apply glue to prevent the corners from curling up. Additionally, for models with very thin parts, glue can also help to improve adhesion.

Materials like ABS and CPE are more prone to shrinkage and warping. For these materials, glue must always be applied to the build plate. Printing on bare glass with ABS or CPE has a high failure rate because the prints are likely to detach from the glass surface. In addition to its adhesive properties, the glue serves as a protective layer for the glass plate. Not using the glue results in a high risk of chipping the glass plate when removing the print.

How to apply the glue?

The Ultimaker Original+ DIY kit contains a glue stick. This provides an easy application. Before printing, put a thin, even layer of glue on the glass plate. It is only necessary to apply glue to the print area.


Tip: For an optimal and even distribution of the glue, gently wipe the glass plate with a damp cloth after applying the glue. Next, heat up the build plate via the UltiController menu to evaporate the water.

Note: The glue available from your local Ultimaker reseller may not match the glue type that was in your accessory box. Ultimaker has switched to a different brand (UHU).

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