Intended use of the Ultimaker 2 Go

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This product has been discontinued and the end of service has passed. The information on this page remains available, but is no longer supported.

Ultimaker 3D printers are designed and built for Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) for various high-quality plastics like PLA, ABS, and CPE within a commercial or educational environment.

The mixture of precision and speed makes the Ultimaker 2 Go ideal for concept models, functional prototypes, and small series production.

The Ultimaker 2 Go can achieve repeatable and high-quality 3D prints with the use of Ultimaker Cura. The user remains responsible to qualify and validate the application of the printed object for its intended use.

The best results will be achieved with Ultimaker filament. However, Ultimaker has an open filament platform, and third-party materials can be used as well. Effort has been made in Ultimaker Cura in order to match material properties with machine settings, but the user is responsible for selecting the correct profile settings when working with third-party materials.

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