What print settings have been removed from Cura 5?

Some print settings available in previous versions of Ultimaker Cura are redundant. This is because the new slice engine deals with these circumstances in a more efficient way.

Note: If you were searching for the settings below, they can no longer be found. The newly added Cura 5 settings replace them, read all about them here.

Compensate wall overlaps

With this setting, the extrusion on printed parts is reduced where the print head has to go over a thin area twice. This way all walls are printed without the part being over extruded. The setting can be enabled for the outer or the inner walls separately.


Minimum wall flow

Compensating for overlaps in wall lines will reduce the flow rate of some of the walls. This can be problematic, because it can reduce the flow rate arbitrarily low, down to 1% if the walls almost completely overlap. Printing at extremely low flow rates doesn't work well. It tends to form a droplet pattern instead of continuously extruding lines.

This setting will turn those lines with extremely low flow rate into travel moves, effectively snapping their flow rate to 0%. The material will still ooze out as with normal travel moves, but will not form beads.

Fill gaps between walls

For fine details, the printer might need to print areas that are thinner than the nozzle size. This can happen between the outer and inner walls where the model ends in sharp corners. This option allows these gaps to be filled after printing both walls. The illustration shows a droplet which has to be printed.

Note: See how the fill gaps option influences the travel moves. The printer has to come back to the gap at later times to fill it.


Filter out tiny gaps

Some gaps between walls are so small that the extra travel path is not worth the extra extrusion to compensate for it. Enable this feature to fill those minuscule gaps anyway, if needed.

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