PVA Removal Station safety and compliance

General safety information

  • The PVA Removal Station has moving parts that can cause injury. Never reach inside the Ultimaker PVA Removal Station while it is in operation. Always control the PVA Removal Station with the user interface at the front.
  • Do not change or adjust any parts of the PVA Removal Station unless the change or adjustment is authorized by the manufacturer.
  • Do not store items inside the PVA Removal Station.
  • The PVA Removal Station is not intended for use by persons with reduced physical and/or mental capabilities, or lack of experience and knowledge, unless they are supervised or have been given instructions concerning the use of the appliance by a person responsible for their safety.
  • Children should be under constant supervision when using the PVA Removal Station. Maintenance actions shall only be performed by an adult.


Electrical safety

  • The PVA Removal Station has been tested according to the IEC 62368-1. An easily accessible mains socket must be used so that the product can quickly be unplugged when necessary. Be sure that the building installation has dedicated means for over-current and short-circuiting. The PVA Removal Station is powered by mains voltage, which is hazardous when touched.
  • Always unplug the product before performing maintenance. Modifications such as soldering of electronic subunits are forbidden.
  • Never immerse the PVA Removal Station docking station in water or any other liquid.
  • Immediately unplug the PVA Removal Station if water comes into contact with the docking station.
  • Only use the original power cable supplied with the device. Do not damage, cut, or repair the cable. A damaged cable should be immediately replaced with a new one.
  • Never use the PVA Removal Station if the power cable, docking station, container, or rotor is damaged.

Mechanical safety

  • The PVA Removal Station complies with the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EU. The EC declaration of conformity can be found at the bottom of this page.
  • The PVA Removal Station has a movable component in the form of a rotor. Although the force of the rotor is limited, do not touch the rotor during operation. When cleaning a printed product in the PVA Removal Station, make sure the product is placed inside the rinsing basket. Without the basket, printed products could come in contact with the rotor and cause damage. Turn off the PVA Removal Station or rotor when removing the rinsing basket from the container.
  • The PVA Removal Station uses magnetic force to drive the removable rotor. Be aware of the magnetic force when handling the rotor close to other metal or magnetic objects.
  • The scratch tool has sharp edges. Use this tool with caution. Protective gloves are advised.
  • Always unplug the PVA Removal Station before doing maintenance.


The PVA Removal Station does not emit high levels of radiation. However, it is advised not to look into the container illumination for longer periods of time.

Health and safety

Water contamination

As Ultimaker wishes to ensure the safety and quality of our products, we conduct different tests throughout our research and product development process. In this respect, Ultimaker has engaged a third-party research partner to conduct water contamination studies to verify the health and safety requirements around the usage of the PVA Removal Station within the normal use boundaries, taking into account that PVA is known to be a nutrient to certain types of microorganisms.

Based on the test results received, Ultimaker has verified that the growth of such microorganisms is very limited (and therefore does not impose a health risk) when using the PVA Removal Station in accordance with the user manual and in particular when (i) using tap water that complies with the minimum quality requirements for drinking water as established by the World Health Organization and (ii) changing the water in the PVA Removal Station when so shown by the indicator (which also keeps the speed optimal).

Using gloves or washing hands with soap after using the PVA Removal Station is advised as a common hygiene practice.

Food and beverages should be kept away from the device.

Use of liquids

Only use cold water in the PVA Removal Station. Filling the container with warm or hot water may damage the printed objects. Chemicals, including but not limited to acetone, organic solvents, and alkalis, should never be used in the PVA Removal Station. The use of chemicals can deteriorate the material of the container, thereby damaging the product and creating possible health and safety risks.


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