What are consumables?

Some parts of the Ultimaker printers and peripherals are classified as 'consumables'. These items are expected to wear over time under normal operating conditions or are used up. Consumable items are excluded from warranty.

The following items are consumables:

  • Print cores* (Ultimaker 3 and S-line)
  • Hot end, consisting of the nozzle, heater block, isolator, and coupler (Ultimaker 2 series)
  • Silicon nozzle cover (Ultimaker 3 and S-line)
  • Glass plate
  • Bowden tube, tube coupling collet, and clamp clip
  • Glue stick, machine oil, and grease
  • Air Manager filter

* Note on print cores: Any problems related to extrusion are not covered by warranty, as these are likely to be caused by normal wear and tear. Problems with the electronics of the print core, such as programming or detection issues, may be covered and will be assessed case by case.

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