Printer maintenance with the Digital Factory

There are several ways that the Digital Factory can help you to optimize your printer operations and increase your uptime with these maintenance features.

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Day to day operations
If a printer needs attention due to day-to-day operations needs the Digital Factory will show a warning message on the printer dashboard. The 'available' status will colour orange to indicate there is an action needed. Not performing this maintenance is ask might influence the print quality. 



Air filter replacement 
The filter in the Air Manager is a consumable. It should be replaced every 1,500 printing hours to maintain proper filtering. On the detail page of your printer with Air Manager you can see when to replace your filter.



Preparing your printer for maintenance
When you are planning to perform maintenance actions on your printer, it is useful to 'disable' your printer. By disabling a printer the printer will no longer pick up print jobs that are sent via network, or via cloud using Ultimaker Cura or the Digital Library. Print jobs will stay in the queue until the printer is enabled. After your maintenance action is completed, enable your printer to pick up the next print job in the queue. 



Online maintenance schedule
On the printer detail page you can find an online maintenance schedule for every connected 3D printer. This helps you to keep your printer in optimal working condition so you can stay productive and prevent unscheduled downtime. 



By downloading a printer report you can do your own analysis on the usage of the printer and start to create a preventative maintenance schedule for your needs.
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