Printer access & security with the Digital Factory

Ultimaker places high value on privacy. The starting point for Ultimaker's approach on privacy and security are the risks that our customers are facing. When designing, developing and maintaining our products & services, Ultimaker takes all justifiable measures to prevent:

  • Loss of confidential information, like print files or personal data stored in Ultimaker systems
  • Business process interruption, using Ultimaker devices or applications as a stepping stone into customer systems and infrastructure
  • Reduction of print quality, affecting customer processes that rely on parts printed via Ultimaker systems
  • Unauthorized usage of customer data, products and services

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Enable printer firewall
The firewall will block all unsolicited local network traffic of your printer. This means that users on the local network will not be able to discover the printer using Ultimaker Cura. The printer will also not be able to receive any print jobs via the local network. The printer is effectively secured from any local network activity.
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Set printer access code
Admins of organizations can secure the settings menu of S-line printers with a PIN code lock. The printers must be running firmware 6.2 or higher. This PIN code lock will prevent unwanted changes to the device by unauthorized users.By setting an access code on the printer 
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