Manage print jobs in Digital Factory

With the Digital Factory you can streamline your 3D printing workflow with the print jobs tab. This features a full fleet-wide overview of all in-progress and waiting prints. Then pause/abort/reprint – and even send print jobs to any other 3D Printer with granular control.



Sending print jobs from Ultimaker Cura
To send a print job to a printer from Ultimaker Cura you can simply press the Print via Cloud button in the bottom right part of the screen. If the button doesn't mention Print via cloud, click the dropdown arrow and select Print via cloud.
Working with connected printers in Ultimaker Cura



Printing from Digital Library
By saving print files to the Digital Library, you can send print jobs to your printer from your browser. Inside a project, press the Print button next to the print file to open up the printer selection dialog. After the print button, the Digital Factory will show you compatible printers to send your job to.
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Monitor print jobs in the Digital Factory
You can keep track of print jobs that are sent to a connected printer via Ultimaker Cura, the Digital Library or USB in the print jobs section of the Digital Factory. Use the navigation on the side to switch between print jobs that are in progress, waiting or in history.
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Searching & filtering print jobs
On the print job page you can search for any print job using the search bar. You can search on print job name, printer name or user name. In the filter panel you can filter print jobs on printer or select print jobs that were sent by you only. 



Managing your print job queue
Want to optimize printer uptime? When having multiple print jobs waiting for the same printer you can change the order of print jobs on the printer detail page. Or move print jobs to another printer, when they are sent over the cloud.



Copy print jobs to the Digital library
Want save a print job for later? On the print jobs page you can copy a print job to an existing Digital Library project, or a new project. This only works for print jobs that are sent over cloud. This is especially useful for reprinting print jobs that you might want to share with others. Use the Digital Library to store print files and share projects with others.
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Reprinting print jobs in Digital Factory
On the print jobs page you can reprint print jobs that are in progress, waiting or in history. This allows you to duplicate or reprint print jobs whenever you need. 

Looking for unlimited print job history?
Only users with a Ultimaker Professional subscription can benefit from an unlimited print job history. If you are not yet using Professional the Digital Factory will keep track of a maximum 20 print jobs per printer.



By downloading a print job report you can do your own analysis on the total amount of print jobs sent within your organization.
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