Check for play on the rotor bearings

The PVA Removal Station has a movable component in the form of a rotor. The rotor turns around the pin at the bottom of the container. Ultimaker has made considerable effort to make the PVA Removal Station as durable as possible. However, the rotor bearings are prone to wear.

If the rotor bearings are worn out, the rotor will be unbalanced; it can scrape against the bottom of the container when in use.

Turn off the PVA Removal Station. First, dispose of the water and clean the container and rotor according to the instructions. After reinstalling the rotor in the container, manually turn the rotor. Check if it moves easily and does not tilt to one side.

The rotor is located at the bottom of the container

Tip: Ensure that the rotor bearing ring is installed on the rotor pin under the rotor during use. The PVA Removal Station will function without the ring, but the lifespan of the rotor is extended significantly when the ring is used.

Do not continue to use the PVA Removal Station if the rotor bearings appear worn. Contact your local reseller or submit a support ticket for a replacement.

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