SDS for maintenance items

This page contains relevant compliance information about consumables included with Ultimaker 3D printers, which are used for operation and/or maintenance purposes.

Note: This page is in progress. More items will be added shortly.

Magnalube grease

This grease was included in the accessory boxes of all Ultimaker 3D printer models. It is also available separately. This grease is used for maintenance purposes and used in the following parts of the Ultimaker 3D printers:

  • Lead screw of the Z motor (all printers)
  • Feeder gear (Ultimaker 2+ series, Ultimaker 3, Ultimaker S-line, Ultimaker 2+ Connect)
  • Print head lift switch (Ultimaker 3, Ultimaker S-line)

Note: This grease was recently replaced in the accessory boxes by Eurol type CS-2/103-S.

Eurol grease

The Eurol grease is the replacement for Magnalube. This is included in the accessory boxes of all newer Ultimaker S3, Ultimaker S5, and Ultimaker 2+ Connect printers since November 2021 and is available separately.

This grease can be used for lubrication of the lead screw of the Z motor and feeder gears according to the maintenance schedule.


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