Ultimaker Platform Checklist

Before you begin, you want to be sure that the whole 3D printing workflow is working correctly. Because it can be tricky, we have prepared a list that can help you identify if you still need to do something. 

Ultimaker Platform is currently compatible with Ultimaker S-line, Ultimaker 3 and the Ultimaker 2 + Connect printers


Follow these steps to setup your printer connection:

1. Setup an internet connection on your Ultimaker printer

In order to make use of Ultimaker Platform it is crucial that your Ultimaker printer has an active internet connection. If you are working in a secure environment please make sure to check which ports and domains are available. 

How to connect your printer to the network
More information on ports and domains

2. Create an Ultimaker account

With an Ultimaker Account you can sign in any product within the Ultimaker Platform. After you have created an Ultimaker account, please continue by signing in to the Digital Factory. In the Digital Factory you can setup your Ultimaker printer for connectivity.

Create a free Ultimaker account or sign in to the Digital Factory.

3. Connect to the Ultimaker Digital Factory

By connecting your Ultimaker 3D printer you will get access to unique features within the Ultimaker platform. Generate a 6-Digit code on the printer display and enter in the code in the Ultimaker Digital Factory to establish a connection.

How to connect your printers to the Digital Factory

If you encounter an issue with generating the 6-Digit code on the printer, it's possible that you need to turn your printer off and on again to perform a soft reset. If this does not work your printer's access to our servers could being blocked. In that case make sure that you have all domains and ports allowed in your printer network and update your printer to the latest firmware.

Ultimaker Platform network requirements
Having trouble connecting your printer to Ultimaker Digital Factory?

4. Sign in to Ultimaker Cura 

Download and install Ultimaker Cura to your computer. Sign in to Ultimaker Cura, close the browser window and go back to your Ultimaker Cura desktop application. Ultimaker Cura will automatically detect and install your connected Printer.

Working with connected printers in Ultimaker Cura
Having troubles signing in to Utimaker Cura?

5. Working with connected printer in Ultimaker Cura

When selecting a connected printer from your account Ultimaker Cura can load the available material configurations for that printer. This way you do not have to worry about configurations changes later.

Select a connected printer and available configurations in Ultimaker Cura

6. Monitor your print job in the Digital Factory

After sending your print job 'via Cloud'in Ultimaker Cura you will get a message confirming the print job is sent to the printer. to the printer. Switch back to the Digital Factory to see monitor your print job.

Printing with over Cloud with Ultimaker Cura

Congrats, you're good to go! 

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If you encountered an issue and unsure of where to go next, please reach out to support


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