Difference between prints sent to printer via USB, local network, and Ultimaker Digital factory

There are 4 ways a print can be sent to your Ultimaker printer.

  • A print can be loaded from USB drive directly on the printer.
  • Cura can send a print directly over the local network to the printer.
  • Cura can send a print via the internet to your printer using Digital Factory.
  • A print stored in Digital Factory can be sent via the internet to your printer.

In the first two cases the printer can produce the print perfectly fine, but the print file is not available for reprint or storing in Digital Library. Next to that, there is only limited information available in the print job report. Ultimaker Digital Factory has a very high uptime (99%), so we strongly recommend only using Digital Factory if you value:

  • A workflow of easily doing reprints
  • Saving prints for later use in Digital Library
  • Complete print job reports from Digital Factory

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I prevent prints being sent via any other channel than Digital Factory?

The most robust way is to simply not connect printers to Cura via local network using the IP-address and only connect to printers by connecting them to Digital Factory (connect via Cloud). If a connection to Digital Factory is unavailable, Cura will otherwise default to printing over the local network .

Should you prefer to still be able to send prints locally, then make sure the button in Cura to send a print to the printer reads 'Print via Cloud'. If that option is not available you're either not signed into your account, your computer is not connected to the internet, or the printer is not connected to the internet.



What information is not available in Digital Factory if I print via other channels?

When prints are not uploaded to the printer using Digital Factory, the data related to the printers identification, material and nozzle information, and the print time as estimated via Cura is missing from the print jobs report. If information above is missing and the owner of the print job is a user name, then you can safely assume it is sent via local connection. If the information is missing and the owner is USB then the print was loaded from USB on the printer itself.  

Also you cannot reprint a print from Digital Factory or store it in the Digital Library.


Can I retrieve the information missing from my print job report?

Unfortunately no.

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