Why doesn't my material load on the Ultimaker 2+ Connect?

The procedures for loading and unloading material on the Ultimaker 2+ Connect are different compared to other Ultimaker 3D printer models. If you are already familiar with the Ultimaker 2+ or the Ultimaker S5, for example, loading material on the Ultimaker 2+ Connect may be confusing.

Different procedures

On the Ultimaker 2 series, Ultimaker 3 series, and S-line printers, the feeder will activate in the material loading procedure. You insert the filament into the feeder until it grips the material. After confirming, the feeder automatically forwards the filament to the print head and you wait for the material to extrude.

On the Ultimaker 2+ Connect, this process is different. The feeder will not activate until the end of the loading process. When loading material, you first open the feeder lever. This relieves the pressure on the feeder's knurled wheel and allows you to freely move material through the feeder.


Insert the filament into the feeder and push it all the way through the Bowden tube to the print head. Once you feel resistance on the material, close the feeder lever again.

Tip: Do not forget to close this lever, otherwise the feeder has no grip on the material.

After confirming on the display, the feeder will now engage and material will start extruding from the nozzle. Select confirm to complete the loading process.

Tip: The complete instructions for loading, changing, and unloading material are found on this page.

No extrusion

If you have followed the procedure as described above, but material will not extrude from the nozzle, there could be a few possible causes:

Wrong material type selected.

The nozzle will heat up to the appropriate temperature based on the selected material. If the selected and installed material do not match, this could lead to extrusion problems. For example, if a lower temperature material such as PLA is selected, but the installed material requires a higher temperature, such as PC, the nozzle will not be hot enough to properly extrude the filament. In the Materials menu, select Change material, pull back the filament slightly, and choose the correct material type.

Nozzle is blocked.

Degraded material or residue of a higher temperature filament inside the nozzle can block new material from extruding. It is recommended to use the hot and cold pull method to clean the inside of the nozzle.

Feeder lever is open.

After pushing the material to the print head, it is important to close the feeder lever. If this is left open, the feeder's knurled wheel will not have any grip on the filament and the material will not extrude. Check if the feeder lever is fully closed.

Feedback and support

If you are still experiencing problems with loading material on the Ultimaker 2+ Connect after reading the tips on this page, please submit a ticket to contact support.

The different loading process was implemented after UX research prior to the launch of the Ultimaker 2+ Connect. If you have any questions or feedback about this process, let us know in the comments below, or submit a feedback ticket.


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