Preferences overview of Ultimaker Cura

The preferences menu contains useful options for the interface, viewport behavior, file handling and your privacy preferences. The menu can be opened via:

  • Windows: Help > Preferences
  • Mac: Preferences > Configure Cura



  • Language: Ultimaker Cura is translated in 15 languages, change it here and restart Cura
  • Currency: Change this value to alter the currency indicator, this has no other effect on pricing or the application
  • Theme: Ultimaker offers themes for color blindness and a dark theme for ease of use
  • Slice automatically: This setting can be enabled to slice a 3D model as soon as it's loaded

Viewport behavior


  • Display overhang: Display red areas on bottom parts of 3D models to indicate the model needs support material
  • Display model errors: Display errors in your 3D model with a colored pattern for better recognition
  • Center camera when item is selected: Automatically focuses the camera to your loaded 3D model
  • Invert the direction of the camera zoom: Scroll down instead of up when zooming in on models
  • Ensure models are kept apart: Allows models to be placed within eachothers safety perimeter

Caution: Allowing models to be placed tightly together might result in overlapping models. Ultimaker Cura does not warn when this happens

  • Automatically drop models to the build plate: Disable this option to allow 3D models to float, useful when creating custom supports or manually aligning 3D models
  • Caution message in g-code reader: ???
  • Force layer view compatibility mode: This allows old graphical hardware to view a 2D layer view variant. There is no need to change this setting when your layer view works correctly
  • Restore window position start: Disable this option to load Ultimaker Cura in the standard position and resolution every time

Note: This option may be useful to disable when working with external monitors, to ensure Ultimaker Cura is properly visible after a restart without the second monitor attached

  • Camera rendering: Perspective and orthographic mode are available

Opening and saving files


  • Use a single instance of Cura: Forces applications and the operating system to load all 3D models in the currently running Cura application
  • Scale larger models: Automatically scales down models that are too large for the build plate. Could be useful when printing scale models often
  • Scale extremely small modes: Automatically scales models up to a visible size. This sometimes happens when the units of the 3D model are scaled incorrectly (inch,mm)
  • Select models when loaded: Selects the 3D model after loading on the build plate
  • Add machine prefix to job name: Automatically adds 'UMS5_' to the gcode name to identify the purpose machine of the print job
  • Show summary dialog when saving project: Disable this option to save project files without showing the overview every time.
  • Default behavior when opening a project file: Allows choosing whether to 'load models', 'load as a project' or always choose what is preferred

Profiles and privacy


  • Default behavior for changed setting when switching profiles: Change the behavior of asking to save changes, always keep the changes or never keep the changes when switching profiles. Read here how this works in practice
  • Send (anonymous) print information: Allow Ultimaker to collect anonymous usage and slicing information to improve Ultimaker Cura
  • Check for updates on start: Provides a pop-up when a newer version of Ultimaker Cura is available. Updates can be checked for the stable version or stable and beta versions
  • Notification for plugin updates, downloaded via the Ultimaker Marketplace
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