Opening native CAD files in Ultimaker Cura

This article describes how to open native CAD files directly in Ultimaker Cura instead of STL or other 3D file formats. This provides a more streamlined workflow for engineers and improves productivity. Importing CAD files directly reduces the risks of generating non-manifold objects, resulting in an improved first time right.


Note: CAD integration is not automatically delivered with Ultimaker Cura, but has to be installed manually. Please read this page carefully as there are some requirements in place.

List of requirements

Before installing the plugin from the Marketplace, please read the list of requirements carefully:

Operating system
Windows 10. Only the latest version of Windows is supported and other operating systems will not be supported and there is no plan in doing so.

Cura version
4.10 or 4.10 Enterprise and higher. Ultimaker Cura versions older than this will not run the import plugin properly, please always keep your Ultimaker Cura version up to date.

Subscription level
Professional or Excellence. Without one of these subscription levels tied to your Ultimaker account, the plugin will be disabled. Please read our detailed support page on how to subscribe to the desired Ultimaker plan.


  1. Go to the Ultimaker Marketplace, either via Ultimaker Cura directly or by visiting Our support page on the Ultimaker Marketplace may help you out, if you're stuck at this step
  2. Locate the 'CAD integration' plug-in and add it to Ultimaker Cura
  3. When the plug-in has finished downloading, you will be prompted to restart Ultimaker Cura
  4. The splash screen might take a bit longer, since Cura is installing the plug-in
  5. The plug-in has now been successfully installed

Note: The plugin is approximately 500MB in size, downloads might take longer than expected.

Using the plug-in

The CAD import plug-in is completely integrated in the 'open file' menu. Simply locate your CAD files and it will be imported automatically. 

  1. Open file
  2. Select the CAD file
  3. Conversion and loading happens in the background
  4. Continue your 3D preparation workflow

Tip: The plugin allows to load assemblies as grouped models directly into Ultimaker Cura. This allows to easily select component and tune settings with the 'per-model settings' or print parts with varying strategies and materials.

Note: Be aware, if you have other plugins that handles the same file extensions it could cause problems.

List of supported applications and file types

Application File types





Autodesk Inventor

IGES graphic format IGES, IGS
Parasolid X_T, X_B
PTC Pro/Engineer PRT, ASM
Rhinoceros 3D 3DM
Siemens NX PRT
Solid Edge ASM, PAR
STEP CAD-exchange-format STP, STEP, STPZ, STPX

See the list of a supported file types in Cura by default. 

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