Ultimaker Academy - what can I learn

In this article, you can read about the free and paid courses available within the Ultimaker Academy. Whether you are learning about the principles of fused filament fabrication, or want to learn more about Ultimaker software or hardware, the Ultimaker Academy has great content for you. 

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Free content

How to access the free content: To access the free courses, you only need to create an Ultimaker Account and navigate to academy.ultimaker.com or use the app switcher in the top right corner of the Ultimaker website. 

Available courses:

  1. Product Onboarding courses
    Clicking on the link will directly take you to the course. You might need to log into your Ultimaker account first and click the link again.
  2. Additional courses

Paid content

How to access the content: The paid courses are included in the different Ultimaker software bundles. The content is organized in role-based learning plans, tailored to the different needs of people and different knowledge levels. The table below shows which learning plans are included in which software plan. 

Available roles:

  • Application engineer: Learn how to identify and develop high-value applications. Gain in-depth technical knowledge about design for FFF, materials for FFF, Ultimaker Cura, and also learn how to build a business case for your application.
  • Printer operator: Optimize the use of your printers. Learn how to effectively perform maintenance, how to troubleshoot issues, and improve your part quality.
  • IT Admin: Learn how to administer the different products in the Ultimaker subscription plans, increase the network security of your 3D printing infrastructure, and how to update printer firmware remotely. 

Available levels:

  • Associate: Aimed at users starting out with 3D printing. Print confidently and start identifying and designing your own applications
  • Professional: For intermediate users. Deepen your knowledge and level up your applications.
  • Expert (coming in Q4 2021): Become the 3D printing expert in your company. Manage the whole 3D printing workflow from part identification to printing to post-processing and work with a continuous improvement mindset. 

See below which content is included in which bundle. 

Available courses:

    available in the following bundles:
Learning plan  Courses included in the learning plan Ultimaker Essentials Ultimaker Professional Ultimaker Excellence
Application Engineer Associate
  • Introduction to Application Engineering - Associate Level
  • Ultimaker Cura - Associate Level
  • Ultimaker Materials - Associate Level
  • Design for FFF - Associate Level
  • Part Identification - Associate Level
  • Printing Operations - Associate Level
included included included
Application Engineer Professional
  • Introduction to Application Engineering  Pro Level
  • Ultimaker Cura - Pro Level
  • Ultimaker Materials - Pro Level
  • Design for FFF - Pro Level
  • Part Identification - Pro Level
  • Printing Operations - Pro Level
  included included

Application Engineer Expert

  • Introduction to Application Engineering - Expert Level
  •  Ultimaker Cura - Expert Level
  • Ultimaker Materials - Expert Level
  • Design for FFF - Expert Level
  • Part Identification - Expert Level
  • Printing Operations - Expert Level
    included, to be released in Q4
Printer Operator Associate
  • Introduction to FFF terminology
  • Getting started with FFF printing
  • 3D printing best practices
  • Printer maintenance and procedures
included included included
Printer Operator Professional
  • Introduction to materials for FFF
  • Ultimaker Cura - Pro Level
  • Expert tips for Ultimaker Cura
  • Advanced troubleshooting
  • Best practices repairs
  included included
IT Admin
  • Introduction Ultimaker Essentials
  • Ultimaker Cura Enterprise for admins
  • Improving network security
  • Firmware updates
  • Ultimaker Digital Factory for admins
included included included


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