Ultimaker printer APIs

The Ultimaker 3, Ultimaker S3 and Ultimaker S5 offer HTTP APIs on the printer itself. These are available in your Local Area Network on the IP address of the printer.

These APIs give you access to some of the low-level parameters of the printer, as well as some print job management features like the print queue.

Documentation is available on the printer IP address as well:

  • http://[printer_ip_here]/cluster-api/v1/ for printer and print job management.
  • http://[printer_ip_here]/docs/api for low-level access to the printer's parameters and system.

Both of these documentation pages follow the OpenAPI specification.

Ultimaker offers no support or warranty on the printer APIs. They are provided as-is and might contain breaking changes between firmware versions. For more stability, consider integrating using the Ultimaker cloud APIs instead.

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