Collaborate & distribute parts using the Digital Library

The Digital Library eases your workflow by providing you with a centralized storage place to work on and store your 3D printing project.


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  1. Identity parts for 3D printing
  2. Working with Ultimaker Cura
  3. Print from the Digital Library
  4. Sharing projects with co-workers
  5. Manage library & reporting


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Try it for free

If you have an Ultimaker printer you can start using the Digital Library for free. You can create up to 5 projects, iterate on your personal projects using the latest version of Ultimakere Cura and print from the Library to your Ultimaker printer.
Get started by connecting your Ultimaker printer to the Digital Factory


Identity parts for 3D printing


Step 1. Create a project

In the Ultimaker Digital Factory navigate to Library and click on the Create new project to start a new project.

Can I try the Library?

Anyone with a connected Ultimaker printer can create up to 5 projects in the Digital Library and make use of the Ultimaker Cura plugin. Sign in to the Digital Factory to get started or learn how to connect your Ultimaker printer



Step 2. Fill in part requirements

By filling in technical requirements for your project, you can more easily assess the feasibility of the 3D printed part you would like to create. 

Don't know which materials to 3D print with?
Fill in the requirements of your part and the software will search on matching material solutions for your part in the Ultimaker Marketplace



Step 3. Upload files to the Library

You can manually upload documents & files to your project. Simply drag and drop files into your project or press the Upload files button.

Support file types: 3mf, stl, jpg, jpeg, png, pdf, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx, txt, ufp, gcode, gcode.gz

For a .ufp file, a preview image as well as the printing metadata will be shown shortly after the uploading is finished.


Working with Ultimaker Cura


Step 1. Open files from Library

Open the Digital Library Dialogue from File ->Open File(s) -> From Digital Library and select a project. Next select the files you wish to open and press Open.

Learn more about how to use Ultimaker Cura with the Digital Library



Step 2. Save to project to Library

From the panel in the bottom right corner select press the Save to Library button and select a Library project from the list. In order to preserve version information, Ultimaker Cura will not change any files in the Library, but will always add new files. 



Which files can I save?

If the Cura project is already sliced, both Cura project (.3mf) and print file (.ufp) can be saved to the Library. This way you can always go back to Ultimaker Cura and adjust any print settings if needed.


Print from Library


Step 1. View project in Digital Library

After saving your files from Ultimaker Cura you can navigate to the project in the Digital Library and see the newly saved print files in the [Project files] section.

Print files (.ufp) will automatically show the printing time and configuration and can be printed from the Digital Library by anyone that has access to the project. 



Step 2. Print from Library

Press the Print button next to the print file to open up the printer selection dialog. Here you can select the best printer for your print job. 

Not seeing any printers?
Make sure that you connect your Ultimaker printer to the Digital Factory or get access to a connected printer with Teams. 


Share projects with co-workers


Step 1. Share projects with teams 

You can share Library projects with co-workers within your organization by pressing the [Share] button. People with access to the project can see all the project files and add content to a project. 

You can only share projects within your organization. On the 'Manage>Organization' page in Digital Factory you can see which people are part of your organization. Within the organization you can create teams and invite members. With teams you can share a project with a selected group of people.

Learn how to set up teams within your organization.



Step 2. Leave comments on projects

Any member with access to the project can leave or delete comments. 


Manage library & reporting


Step 1. Organize projects with tags

Add tags to your projects to organize your Library. On the project page you can add a tag from a defined list of tags within the organization. Only admin users can add or delete tags to the list.

Organizing your Library using tags



Step 2. Download Library report

In the three dots menu on the Digital Library page you can find the option to Download report of your projects. In the report dialog you can select a date range of choice and press Generate report. Your report is downloaded in a .csv format which you can import in excel or your own analytics software. 


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