Invite your co-workers and create teams within your organization

Learn how to manage and share your 3D printers among teams within your organization. By setting up your organization you can define who has access to 3D printers and projects in the Digital Library. This article focusses on enabling you to share printers, sharing library projects can be done as well after setting up the organization. 

In this article

  1. Set up your organization

  2. Manage users & permissions

  3. How to create teams

  4. Share printers with teams

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Set up your organization


Step 1. Manage organization

In the Digital Factory go to Manage and select Organization. From this page you can manage who has access to your organization.  

Not seeing this option? Make sure you have an active Ulitmaker subscription. 



Step 2. Invite co-workers

Click on Invite users to invite new users to your organization. Fill in the email address your co-worker will use with the digital factory account and press Invite to send out an email invitation.

*this feature is available to admin users only

Note: Please note that a user can only be in one organization at any given time. To join a second organization, the user may use a different email address to join this organization. Alternatively, they may join the second organization after an admin has removed them from the first organization.


Step 3. Manage pending users

Your co-workers will receive an email with a link to join the organization. You can keep track of pending users at the bottom of the list. 

*this feature is available to admin users only

Having troubles with email invites?


Manage users & permissions


Step 1. View roles

Anyone who has access to the organization can see which users are in the organization. In the Role column next to the user name, you see whether a user has a member or an admin role. 

Admins vs members: what is the difference?



Step 2. Give/ Remove admin rights

To promote a member to an admin, click on the three dots next to the user, and select the option Give admin rights to make this person an admin. To change an admin back to a member, click Remove admin rights.

*this feature is available to admin users only


How to create teams


Step 1. Go to teams

With teams you can give your co-workers access to your Ultimaker 3D printers and share projects in Digital Library. From the Digital Factory menu, go to Manage and select Teams. On this page you can create and manage teams within your organization. 

With an Essentials, Professional or Excellence subscription, sharing is restricted to members of your organization. Make sure people you want to invite to a team are already in your organization

teams_02.pngStep 2. Create team

Click on Create team to create a new team. Enter a team name and press Create. There is no limit to how many teams you can create, and each team can consist of one or more members.



Step 3. Add new members to a team

Continue by clicking on the three dots at the top right corner of the team card and select Manage. You will see a dialog window which includes a list of members in your organization. Tick the members you want to invite to the team and press Save changes.

You will then see a confirmation dialog window, indicating who are joining or leaving the team. If the information is correct, press Confirm to finish adding new members.

Please note that it is not possible to rename a team. Deleting a team is only possible when the last person leaves the team.


Share printers with teams


Step 1. Share printers

Go to the Printers dashboard, click on the three dots on the printer tile, and select Share.

*this feature is only available to admin users & people who added the printer to Ultimaker digital factory. 



Step 2. Select teams

In the Team selection dialog you will see all teams that you have access to (only admin users see all teams). Select the teams you want to give printer access and click Done.

If you have an Essentials, Professional or Excellence subscription, only people within your organization can be part of a Team. So your Ultimaker 3D printers can only be shared within your organization. How to manage your organization



All done!

Inform your team members who are now able to view & access your shared printer when signing in to Ultimaker Cura or visiting the Ultimaker Digital factory.


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