Welcome to the Ultimaker Platform

With the Ultimaker Platform you get access to a range of collaboration tools designed to facilitate the scaling up of 3D printing for you and your organization. Here is how you get started by following a few simple steps:

Getting started

 Screenshot_2021-04-14_at_10.07.30.png 1. Activate your subscription
Activate your Ultimaker subscription and getting started with your Organization
Screenshot_2021-03-30_at_10.03.59.png 2. Connect your Ultimaker printers
Connect all the Ultimaker S5, Ultimaker S3, Ultimaker 2+ Connect, and Ultimaker 3's to the cloud.

3. Invite your co-workers and manage teams

Create teams and manage sharing with your colleagues 


4. Enhance your 3D printing workflow in Ultimaker Cura

Ultimaker Cura is at the heart of our ecosystem.

5. Collaborate & distribute parts using the Digital Library

Collaborate easily on projects using the Digital Library.


6. Getting insights in your 3D printing production with the Digital Factory

The Digital Factory helps you calculate the value of a 3D printing

We know this can be a lot. Need help with setting up your organization?
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