Ultimaker Cura won't run on my Ryzen Graphics card

We are currently aware of an issue whereby Ultimaker Cura crashes upon booting on certain machines.

Specifically, it appears that there is an incompatibility between the CPU drivers of ASUS devices with Ryzen graphics cards.

Running Ultimaker Cura with a different graphics card

Many devices have an integrated as well as dedicated graphics card. You can check for an alternative mode of GPU running for a particular application. You can do this via the following:

Windows only:

1. On your keyboard, press the Windows key + the letter "i" at the same time to bring up the Windows Settings
2. Select System
3. Select Display from the left column
4. Choose Graphics setting link from the bottom of the page
5. Click on the Browse button and then choose the executable for the application you wish to change GPU settings.
6. Click on the Options button to bring up the GPU select window
7. Choose the GPU you wish to override for the given application as shown in the screenshot below
8. Click on the Save button

If your machine specs are different, you can get in contact by raising a support ticket above. At this moment in time, we can only advise patience as this issue is investigated further.



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