Known issues with email providers

When creating a new Ultimaker Account, we send a confirmation email with a verification link. You have to click this link to start using your account. Similarly we send emails when requesting a password reset, or when you change your email address.

In some cases, these emails might not arrive. Please check the following things:

  • Is the email address you entered on correct?
  • Did the email arrive in your spam folder?
  • Do emails from other senders arrive?
  • Did you manually block emails from Ultimaker in your email settings?

If you were not able to resolve the problem using the questions above, you can check the following list for known issues with some email providers. If you use one of these providers we advise to switch to another provider to register your Ultimaker Account with.

  • This provider regularly soft-bounces our emails. The response code is in the 5xx range, meaning it is an issue on the side of the receiving server, not the sending one.
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