ER214 - Missing SD card

If you have encountered this error, your Ultimaker 2+ Connect cannot detect the internal micro SD card in the electronics. The card could be missing, not fully inserted, or not recognized.

This card is not accessible from the front of the printer. The card is, or should be, in the front electronics module inside the machine and requires removing the bottom cover to access it. It is always recommended to first contact support before opening up the machine.

Caution: Make sure the 3D printer is turned off and the power cable has been disconnected before performing these steps!

Note: Always take ESD precautions when exposing the electronics at the bottom of the printer. Handling the electronics in an unsafe way can cause damage to the machine. Submit a support ticket or contact your local reseller if you do not have access to ESD precautions, such as an ESD bracelet.


To check if the SD card is correctly installed, take the following steps:

Remove the bottom cover Check the SD card Reboot the printer
  1. Turn off the printer and disconnect the power cable
  2. Gently place the printer on its left side
  3. Remove the two small bolts at the front of the bottom cover
  4. Move the front of the bottom cover away from the printer
  5. Slide the tabs out of the back panel and place the cover aside

After taking the actions described above, check if the error reappears. If it does not appear after rebooting, start a print to ensure the problem is indeed resolved.

When the error continues to show up, there could be a problem with the printer's electronics or the SD card. Contact support for further assistance.

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