ER70 - An expected error occurred during unloading material from bay X from extruder X

If you have gotten this error, then something has gone wrong with the Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle after a print job. This error message is shown up because some unforeseen circumstance has caused the printer to freeze after the print job. Most likely, you are waiting for cooldown endlessly.

If you do encounter this error message, we would kindly ask you to get in touch and submit your log files of the printer. You can get in touch via raising a support ticket above. This article will explain how to retrieve log files. When getting in touch, please describe what the last sequence of events were before the error updated. For example, perhaps you updated firmware recently.

To recover from this error, you will need to power down and reboot the Pro Bundle. Please save the log files to USB before you power down the machine, if possible.

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