Using the firewall on your S-line printer

S-line printers that have firmware 6.0 and newer installed feature a firewall option. You can use this firewall to secure your printer on the local network. This article will explain in more detail what you can expect from the firewall.

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Activating the firewall

To activate / deactivate the firewall, simply go to the settings of your printer, and toggle it from there.

Admins of organizations that have an active Ultimaker software subscription can also toggle the firewall on and off remotely, using the Ultimaker Digital Factory.


The firewall can be triggered from the network menu.

What protection does the firewall give?

The firewall will block all unsolicited local network traffic of your printer. This means that users on the local network will not be able to discover the printer using Ultimaker Cura. The printer will also not be able to receive any print jobs via the local network. The printer is effectively secured from any local network activity.

Usage of the printer is limited to the Ultimaker Digital Factory. With the printer connected to your Ultimaker account you can now use the full functionality of the Digital Factory securely to start, stop and monitor your print job.

Note: The network firewall will also currently block material profile synchronization via the network. If you need to install a material profile to your printer, please temporarily disable the firewall and connect via local network. If you are encountering printer synchronization errors, please view our troubleshooting guide.


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