Ultimaker 2+ Connect firmware release notes

This page will gather all the release notes for firmware updates for the Ultimaker 2+ Connect.

Firmware 1.5

May 25, 2021

Firmware 1.5 brings process improvements for the Ultimaker 2+ Connect. Furthermore, it enables compatibility of the printer with Ultimaker PETG and allows the user to change material when a print job is paused.

  • PETG support. Ultimaker PETG is now compatible with the Ultimaker 2+ Connect
  • New feature: Change material while print is paused. It is now possible to pause the print and to swap out a material
  • Added information to matieral profile import: More detailed information on importing material profiles. Messages now include the number of added, updated and incompatible material profiles

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the print job could start with the material in the wrong position, leading to a partial missing first layer Fixed a bug which led to print job not starting with Wi-Fi networks with poor reception.
  • Fixed a bug where commands from the Digital Factory were ignored, this could lead to prints not starting or the user to have to issue a command two times
  • Various other bug fixes. Fixed a number of smaller bugs related to print performance

Firmware 1.4

March 22, 2021

Firmware 1.4 brings greater integration for the Ultimaker 2+ Connect with the Ultimaker Digital Factory.

  • Printer status displayed on Digital Factory. The Digital Factory will correctly display the printer and print job status, such as: printing, idle, paused, aborting, error, loaded material, nozzle size, print time, print progress
  • Print job information displayed on Digital Factory. The Digital Factory will correctly display print job information
  • Update firmware via Digital Factory. The Digital Factory can now initiate a firmware update for the Ultimaker 2+ Connect
  • Digital Factory status on home screen. The home screen of the printer will display an icon to show if there is an active connection to the Digital Factory

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug with USB drives on Windows. USB drives used in the Ultimaker 2+ Connect would be incorrectly reported by Windows as having a fault. This is now fixed
  • Ultimaker materials are top of material selection screen. As first implemented they were further down the list
  • Display - Print preview screen. This screen now shows faster by calculating the preview image in the background
  • Display - Firmware update notification could show '-' as a new version. This is fixed now
    Various other bug fixes. Fixed a number of smaller performance-related bug fixes

Firmware 1.3

February 16, 2021

This firmware brings improvements to the Digital Factory and material handling of the printer.

  • Rename printer in Digital Factory. Users can now change the name of their Ultimaker 2+
    Connect printer in the Digital Factory. This creates more clarity and is especially useful if
    multiple printers are installed at one location
  • Digital Factory material overview. The material that is currently loaded on the Ultimaker
    2+ Connect is now shown in the Digital Factory
  • Material support. There is now full support for the material ecosystem. Instead of only
    generic material profiles, users will be able to select specific material brands and colors
  • Import material profiles. New materials can be installed via USB. The Ultimaker 2+
    Connect will take the settings from the .ufp file on the USB device and install the material
    profile on the printer. This is possible with profiles that have been updated to be
    compatible with the Ultimaker 2+ Connect
  • G-code support. It is now possible to print .gcode files with the Ultimaker 2+ Connect.
    Before, the file compatibility was limited to .ufp files only

Bug fixes

  • Printing screens. During printing, the Abort and Pause functions were visible on the
    second and third screens. They have now been removed and are only on the first screen
  • Stuck in preparing. Under certain conditions, the Ultimaker 2+ Connect could
    get stuck during Preparing and the Abort function would not work if this occurred.
    This has now been fixed
  • Stalling menu. Changing between menus too quickly could sometimes stall the printer
    due to a rare timing issue. This has now been fixed

Firmware 1.2

December 15, 2020

  • Select for nozzle size. The Ultimaker 2+ Connect nozzle size can now be set from within the maintenance menu.
  • Warning if print job has different nozzle size. If a print job has been sliced for a nozzle size that is not currently configured in the printer, a warning will now be displayed.
  • Added factory reset. The functionality to factory reset the printer has been added. This will restore all printer settings back to factory settings.
  • Added button feedback. Have all interface buttons show feedback when they are pressed.
  • Print from USB. The screen in which a print is selected for printing now automatically closes when the USB key is taken out of the printer.
  • Added Skip cooldown. The 'skip cooldown' button has been added for the end of a print

Bug fixes

  • Gray out the Print from USB button. The 'Select from USB' button is now greyed out when there is no USB key inserted
  • Fixed object preview during printing. Object view during print now shows full object instead of cropped image

Firmware 1.1

November 24, 2020

Firmware 1.1 improves the initial functionality and fixes some bugs of the Ultimaker 2+ Connect.

Release notes:

  • Firmware update prompt. After updating to firmware 1.1, users will be actively prompted to update the firmware when a new version becomes available, if the printer is connected to the network
  • Digital Factory. A bug was found which would occasionally cause the Digital Factory connection to break
  • Back button. The ‘back’ button in the navigation menu sometimes led to unexpected behavior. This has now been fixed
  • Abort procedure. The printer will now properly perform the finishing procedure when a paused print job is aborted. This also applies when aborting a print job during the print preparation

Firmware 1.0.0

November 10, 2020

Congratulations on your purchase of the Ultimaker 2+ Connect! Firmware 1.0.0 is the first public firmware for this printer. With it, you can look forward to a connected Ultimaker Digital Factory workflow which can print multiple material types.

Upcoming firmware updates will focus on:

  • Digital Factory. An important focus for the next firmware is bringing more functionality to the Digital Factory
  • Gcode support. At launch, you must use the Ultimaker Cura .ufp file format to print on the Ultimaker 2+ Connect. These are the default print jobs as exported by Ultimaker Cura when slicing for the Ultimaker 2+ Connect. The Ultimaker 2+ Connect will not accept gcodes
  • Third-party material support. Greater integration with the Ultimaker Marketplace, and third-party material support
  • Language support. For now, the Ultimaker 2+ Connect firmware is only provided in English. Translations of the menu options will be included in the next firmware versions
  • Nozzle size support. The Ultimaker 2+ Connect has swappable nozzles available in four sizes. Soon, you'll be able to select the nozzle size on the printer for better integration

Furthermore, general improvements and optimizations to processes, along with bug fixes will also be features of new firmware releases.

Note: This firmware has a known issue with the build plate temperature. It is not possible to print with a build plate temperature lower than 60 ºC. The print profile for TPU 95A, which normally does not require a heated build plate, has temporarily been updated.

Have a feature request, or want to report a bug? Get in touch with support via the ticket forms above.

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