Adhesion problems on the Ultimaker 2+ Connect

Adhesion problems can include the print not sticking to the build plate or warping of the material during printing. Poor build plate adhesion will negatively impact the quality of the printed part, or it can lead to the print completely detaching from the build plate during printing. This will result in a failed print and could even cause damage to your printer.

Print-not-adhering.jpg Warping.jpg
First layer not adhering

Warping corners


Improving adhesion

When you experience problems with the adhesion of a print to the build plate, the following things can be done:

Adhesion method

Ensure that the correct adhesion method was used. See the Materials section for the recommended adhesion methods per material. Additionally, this article has specific information about which glue to use with Ultimaker materials.

Build plate leveling

Level the build plate to ensure the distance between the nozzle and build plate is correct. Navigate to Maintenance → Level build plate and follow the instructions on the display. Use the calibration card, because the nozzle should not be too close or too far from the build plate.

Clean build plate

If oils from your hands or from the axle lubrication came onto the glass build plate, this can negatively affect the adhesion in those areas. Thoroughly clean the plate and reapply the correct adhesion method.

Cura settings

Check the Ultimaker Cura settings that were used and try printing with one of the default Ultimaker Cura profiles. The use of a brim is almost always highly recommended to improve build plate adhesion.

Tip: The use of the Air Manager is highly recommended. It ensures a closed environment and can improve the adhesion, especially with engineering materials.

Need further support?

More information on build plate adhesion can be found in the following articles:

If you continue to experience adhesion problems after applying the tips on this page and the additional articles above, please contact support by submitting a ticket for further assistance.

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