Main components of the Ultimaker 2+ Connect

Get to know the main components of your Ultimaker 2+ Connect and the optional Ultimaker 2+ Connect Air Manager. Knowing what's what will help you understand your printer and facilitate your onboarding process. 

Ultimaker 2+ Connect with Air Manager


1. Air Manager The Ultimaker 2+ Connect Air Manager is an optional but recommended add-on. It consists of a top and front enclosure. For the full list and part description, see the section below.
2. Ultimaker 2+ Connect The Ultimaker 2+ Connect is an easy-to-use, single extrusion printer with an integrated digital workflow. See the explanation of the individual parts below.

Ultimaker 2+ Connect


1. Print head The print head moves in the X and Y directions during printing and extrudes filament from the nozzle.
2. Print head cable The print head cable contains the wires for the heater, temperature sensor, and print head fans.
3. Build plate The Ultimaker 2+ Connect has a heated build platform with a glass build plate. The build plate (or 'Z-stage') moves down layer by layer during printing.
4. Build plate clamps The glass build plate is held in place with four clamps. The front two clamps can be opened to remove the glass plate.
5. Display The intuitive touchscreen display can be used to navigate through menu options and displays information about your print.
6. USB port Insert a USB device for offline printing or to update the firmware.
7. Spool holder The material spool used for printing can be placed on the spool holder.
8. Bowden tube The Bowden tube guides the filament from the feeder to the print head.
9. Feeder The geared feeder reliably feeds material to the print head. The lever on the side can easily be opened for material loading and unloading.
10. On/off button Use this button to power your Ultimaker 2+ Connect on or off.
11. OUT port This port can be used to connect the Ultimaker 2+ Connect Air Manager.
12. Power socket Connect the cable of the power adapter to this port. Ensure that the flat side of the power cable is facing down.
13. Ethernet port Connect your printer to the network by inserting an Ethernet cable into this port.

Ultimaker 2+ Connect Air Manager

The Air Manager for the Ultimaker 2+ Connect consists of a few different parts. One part encloses the top of the printer, while the front enclosure covers the front panel. Both must be installed to benefit from optimal air filtering.


1. Filter This EPA filter removes up to 95% of UFPs during printing. It is a consumable part, and replacement is advised every 1500 printing hours.
2. Top cover The transparent top cover, or 'hood', encloses the top of the Ultimaker 2+ Connect.
3. Handle Hold the front enclosure at the handle to install or remove it.
4. Front enclosure The front enclosure covers the front of the Ultimaker 2+ Connect during printing to ensure optimal air filtering.
5. Hinge profile The bottom part of the front enclosure aligns with the front panel of the Ultimaker 2+ Connect to keep it securely in place.
6. Fan The fan will spin during printing to enable air filtering and to reduce the temperature in the build volume.
7. Filter housing The filter housing aligns with the top panel of the Ultimaker 2+ Connect and contains the fan and connection port. The filter is placed in this part from the front.
8. Air Manager cable This is the connection cable for the Air Manager, also referred to as the UMB cable. It supplies power from the Ultimaker 2+ Connect and ensures communication.
9. Air Manager release clip To uninstall the Air Manager, press this clip downwards to release the filter housing from the Ultimaker 2+ Connect.
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