Firmware recovery for the Ultimaker 2+ Connect

In certain cases, a complete reset of the Ultimaker 2+ Connect is necessary to resolve problems. For example, when the printer is failing to boot up correctly.

The Ultimaker 2+ Connect features a simplified firmware recovery procedure. You can utilize the reset button on the bottom of the printer to initiate this. You will need a USB device containing the recovery file in order to do this.


Prepare the USB

  1. Download this firmware recovery file
  2. Place the file in the root directory of a USB drive

Flash the Ultimaker 2+ Connect

  1. Switch off the printer and gently place it on its left side
  2. Insert the USB device containing the recovery file into the USB port at the front of the printer
  3. On the underside of the printer, there is a recovery button. Use a long wire or alternative tool to press the button
  4. With the recovery button pressed, turn on the printer

The printer should now boot up via a recovery, resetting the printer. If this procedure was successful, place the printer upright again.


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