How to troubleshoot issues with material - printer synchronization?

On material - printer synchronization

Ultimaker Cura and your Ultimaker printers sync all installed materials with regular intervals. This is a one-way sync from Cura to the printer, so any materials that you have removed from Cura are not removed from the printer.

Usually, this works fine, and all materials that are installed in Cura are available on your printer. However, sometimes, a material that is installed in Ultimaker Cura from the Ultimaker Marketplace does not show up on the printer, or is not updated. (The latter is important if a material update enables Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle / Ultimaker Material Station support; if it is not updated, you are not able to load that material in your Material Station.)


Troubleshooting material - printer synchronization

Please follow the steps below to check one by one where it is going wrong.

Tip: If you want a quick solution, then you can factory reset your printer and start afresh or delete materials via your device API. Read more details at the bottom of this page.

Am I connected to the printer?

Materials only sync from Cura to the printer if Cura is connected to the printer via LAN (Wi-Fi or ethernet connected). You can check this in the following ways:

  1. There is a blue checkmark next to the printer name (not: a blue cloud icon)
  2. If you click on the configuration bar, you can see which configurations are available on the printer; you cannot select these from a dropdown unless you select custom settings.
  3. If you go to the monitor page, you can view the webcam and printer status
  4. If you go to the monitor page, you can pause and resume your current print
  5. If you have sliced a model, you can select “Print over network”

Are materials sync-ed to the (connected) printer?

  1. A pop-up appears (from Cura 4.4 and higher) when materials are being sync-ed to the printer
  2. If you have performed a factory reset, this pop-up also appears (as there are materials being sync-ed) 
  3. On the printer's monitor page it shows the name of the material of the current print job (instead of unknown)

After Cura tried to sync to the printer, did the material arrive?

  1. When printing, the printer ask for a configuration change with the material name, instead of unknown
  2. You can select the material (if the correct, corresponding print core is installed) after you select change material or select material.

Is the material up-to-date on the printer?

  1. To confirm that Cura only has a single version of that material: check Cura's configuration folder (Help - Open Configuration Folder) and ensure there is only a single version of the xml.fdm_material file
  2. If you open that xml.fdm_material file, you can check the XML version under the tag <version>number</version>
  3. Check via the API of the printer which version is installed:
    • Type the IP address of the printer in a web browser
    • Select Materials
    • Select GET
    • Select GET materials
    • You can copy/paste the output into a text editor
    • Find the XML version as reported, and compare it to the version you found in Cura's configuration folder

Did this not resolve your issue?

You can best perform a factory reset of your printer. After a factory reset of the printer, all materials are removed from its memory. Any materials sync-ed from Cura to the printer will be the latest version installed in Cura. You can follow the steps above to re-check if the material has been sync-ed correctly.

Alternatively you can delete materials via device API by following the steps below.

Deletion of Materials via device API 

  1. Connect locally in the same network as the printer
  2. Find the GUID of the material using http://Printer-IP/cluster-api/v1/materials/
  3. Go to http://Printer-IP/docs/api/#!
  4. Go to Authentication > POST /auth/request and expand the drop down and fill out the required fields of “application” and “user”.
  5. Press Try it out button
    1. As response, you’ll get an ID and a key that looks like this :

            "id": "16ee143613c53ff860a72003b3b1fb35",

      "key": "7e7f7f149d5d0990f964262c7c241387cdd0a87d797b65de89edf5b52a19bc07"


    1. On the physical printer itself, you will see your application + user, confirm it on the printer to allow access. Once confirmed, from this point on, you can use the ID as Username and Key as password when you need to do PUT/POST/DELETE API requests.
    2. To delete a material, scroll down to the materials category and expand the DELETE /materials/{material_guid}
    3. Put the Material GUID as retrieved in step #2
    4. Press the Try it out! Button
    5. Enter the ID and key as Username and Password respectively as retrieved in step #6 and press submit.
    6. You should receive this as response
    7. To double check, do step #2 again to verify that the material has been deleted

Known issues:

  • The printer can only display a single material with a specific material name. If there are multiple in its memory, then only one is shown.
    • Temporary resolution: ensure that Cura only has a single material with that name installed (the one you need to use). Factory reset the printer, and sync again. This issue will be resolved by an upcoming firmware update.
  • If the name of a material has been changed, it will not update in the printer's memory.
    • Temporary resolution: factory reset the printer. After a new sync between Cura and the printer, the printer will have the latest version available. This issue will be resolved by an upcoming firmware update.


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