Data sharing on your Ultimaker printer

As of firmware version 5.7, all Ultimaker S-line printers have the option to anonymously share data with Ultimaker. Data sharing is available on the following products:

  • Ultimaker S3
  • Ultimaker S5
  • Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle

This article will explain a bit more about why we have implemented this and how you are affected by it.


Why is this needed? 

In order to continuously improve our product, we have implemented the option to use an internal application stability within the S-line products. This software collects process-related data from the printer giving information about the status of internal running processes. Notably, anonymous data collection allows Ultimaker to know how our printers are performing with our customers. Reports of error occurrences are aggregated and that allows us to create an overview of the most pressing issues. That helps us focus our attention on the topics that will bring the most value to you. 

In addition, we can track how changes are impacting the occurrence of unexpected situations, creating a better measure of the effectiveness of our efforts. 

What type of data is NOT collected? 

When you decide to share data of your S-line product, there is no need to have concerns. Through anonymous data sharing, we do not collect data such as: 

  • STL file being printed 
  • Personal data
  • Geolocation data

Note: If there is sensitive data that you are concerned about sharing and would like to find out whether it is being tracked or not, please raise a support ticket. 

How does it affect our customers? 

When you enable data collection, the printer will automatically send anonymous data via the internet. No further action is needed from the user. Day to day printing is not affected by this feature and printer performance also remains the same. The biggest effect it has is in the long term as this information helps us to identify problems sooner, focus our attention where most needed, and even to prevent errors from ever making it to you. 

What type of data is collected? 

Through anonymous data collection, we only receive information about critical or fatal errors happening in the machine. Basic information will be sent to Ultimaker, such as: 

  • Firmware version installed 
  • Printer model 
  • Error tracking 

Help us make our products even better! 

Was this article helpful? Please consider turning ON "Anonymous Data Collection" on your printer and help us develop better products.  

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