ER206 - Detected move outside normal volume. Please reslice your print

If you are encountering this error, the printer has encountered a movement in the G-Code which is not allowed. The print head or build plate is instructed to move outside of the boundaries of the frame, which is, of course, not possible. To prevent damage to the printer, this error appears. The printer requires a reboot to continue operation.

Machine settings

This error can be caused by incorrect machine settings. Make sure that you have selected the correct printer type in Ultimaker Cura. Also, please check if the machine settings are unaltered (PreferencesPrintersMachine settings). You can re-add the Ultimaker 2+ Connect to Cura in case of doubt.

Corrupted data

When the print has been sliced correctly, with all the correct settings, this error could have been caused by corrupted data. If you are printing via USB, make sure to safely eject the device from your computer after preparing the print job. The print file can be corrupted if the process of saving to USB was interrupted or if the disk was removed unsafely.

Need further support?

If this error persists, please contact support by submitting a ticket. Please explain your observations, at which point in the printing process the error appeared, and your chosen print profile settings.

Tip: To receive faster support, share your Ultimaker Cura project and the .ufp file that you were printing when the error appeared.

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