ER203 - The detected build plate temperature is invalid

If you are encountering this error, the Ultimaker 2+ Connect has detected an invalid reading of the temperature of your heated bed. Most likely a connection is loose. 

Check the heated bed

To troubleshoot this error, first visually inspect the wires at the back of the build plate. 


The two thicker wires on the left are the heaters; the two thinner wires on the right are the sensor wires. Make sure all of them are properly inserted and secure. If one of them is loose, try pushing it back in place. If there are signs of damage to any of the wires, please submit a support ticket or contact your local reseller.

Check the electronics

Next, you can look at the connections of the heated bed to the mainboard. 

Note: Always take ESD precautions when exposing the electronics at the bottom of the printer. Handling the electronics in an unsafe way can cause damage to the machine. Submit a support ticket or contact your local reseller if you do not have access to ESD precautions, such as an ESD bracelet.

  1. Turn off the printer and disconnect the power cable
  2. Carefully place the printer on its side
  3. Remove the two small bolts that secure the bottom cover and place the cover aside
  4. Inspect the connections shown in the image below


The cable on the left is the bed temperature sensor. Check if this is properly inserted into the connector.

The two wires in the gray terminal on the right are the bed heater wires. Gently pull at each individual wire to check it is securely in place. If this is not the case, push open the orange latch, reinsert the wire, and push the latch closed again.

Need further support?

If the error message persists after going through the checks on this page, please contact support to receive further assistance. 

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