ER202 - The print head is not heating up steadily

If you are encountering this error, then the printer has detected a heater error whereby the print head is not heating up steadily. This error message is an important safety feature, as it might indicate that the heater and/or sensor are disconnected from the heater block.

To troubleshoot this error, inspect all the components involved according to the information below:

Caution: Turn off the printer when troubleshooting this error message.

Check the connection to the print head

The heater and sensor are the two white cables inserted into the back of the brass heater block. Look at the back of the print head and ensure both the heater and sensor are still inserted securely. As seen from the back, the heater is on the left and the PT100 sensor is on the right.

If the wires are loose and/or not inserted far enough, this must be corrected. To do so, follow these steps:

  • Use the 2 mm hex screwdriver to remove the two small M3x4 bolts on each side of the print head to loosen the fan bracket and place the bolts somewhere safe
  • Slide the fan bracket over the nozzle and hold it aside
  • Loosen (but do not remove) the bolt at the bottom of the heater block
  • Fully insert (as far as possible) both the heater and sensor wires into the heater block
  • While keeping the heater and sensor in place, fully tighten the bolt at the bottom of the heater block


Also, check for any visual signs of damage to the heater and sensor. There should be no molten filament residue around these wires, the white wire sleeve should not be frayed, and the ferrule should not be disconnected from the sleeve. If there is visual damage to either or both of the wires, it/they must be replaced. For additional advice, get in touch with support via the 'Submit a request' button.

Tip: When placing back the fan bracket, pay attention to its position before tightening the four small bolts. See 'Check the fan bracket position'.

Check the connection to the mainboard

If the heater and sensor wires seem fine at the print head, you can also check their connections to the mainboard. To do this, you will have to remove the cover at the bottom of the Ultimaker.

Caution: Removing the bottom cover will expose the Ultimaker 2+ Connect electronics, which are sensitive to ESD (electrostatic discharge). Make sure to take precautions against ESD damage before proceeding.

  1. Place the Ultimaker on its left side so you can access the bottom of the printer
  2. Use the 2 mm hex screwdriver to remove the two bolts holding the bottom cover in place and put them somewhere safe
  3. Carefully slide the bottom cover out of position and put it aside to reveal the electronics

    Tip: The mainboard (motion controller) is the larger of the two boards, located at the back of the printer. The PT100 for the print head is connected to the front-left side of the board, marked 'H-PT100'. The heater wires of the print head are connected to the terminal at the back-left side of the board. (These wires are both at the bottom in the printer's current orientation)

  4. Make sure the PT100 sensor cable is properly connected to the mainboard. Reconnect the cable if necessary
  5. Make sure both of the heater wires are fully inserted into the terminal and the orange latches are properly closed
  6. Additionally, check for obvious signs of damage to the cable and the mainboard

If these steps don't help to resolve the error message, there may be a problem with the PT100 sensor cable, heater wires, or mainboard. For further troubleshooting advice or replacement parts, get in touch by raising a support ticket above.

Check the fan bracket position

The fan bracket closes the bottom of the print head, and only has a hole for the nozzle. Check if the nozzle is not touching the fan bracket. If this is the case, the heat from the nozzle will be spread through the fan bracket, making it difficult for the heater to maintain the correct temperature. 

To correct this, loosen but do not remove the two bolts on either side of the print head. Slightly adjust the position of the fan bracket until the nozzle is in the center, then tighten the bolts again.


Check the fan speed

When printing a model with a big flat surface, it could happen that the airflow from the side fans bounces off the model against the nozzle, thus cooling it down. In this case, a solution could be to decrease the fan speed in Ultimaker Cura.

If you need additional support to resolve this error message, reach out to our support team by clicking 'Submit a request'.

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