ER205 - X or Y axis is stuck or limit switch is broken

When homing, the print head always moves to the back left corner of the Ultimaker, where it will press the X and Y limit switch. This is done to set the origin point. If one of the limit switches is not activated the "X or Y limit switch" error will be shown on the display. To figure out why the error appears, we recommend the checks described below.

The print head should move towards the back left corner while homing.

  • Is the print head reaching the back left corner while homing? If it's not going there at all, it's likely that one of the pulleys is loose, causing skips in the movement of the print head. In this case, ensure that all the pulleys (on the axes and X and Y motor) are tight
  • Move the print head by hand towards the left side and back side. Do both switches make a clicking sound? If the X limit switch is not pressed, you can try to slightly bend the lever of the switch more towards the center of the printer. If the Y limit switch is not activated, you need to check if the print head axle is touching the switch. Otherwise, you might have to reposition the axle

Although both switches are physically pressed, there's still a chance that there's an electrical cause for this problem. Try the following to get to the source of the problem:

  • Place the print head in the front right corner
  • Go to the "Maintenance > Advanced" menu and select "Home head". The print head will now move towards its home position in the back left corner
  • Press both limit switches manually (e.g. with your finger or a screwdriver) before the print head reaches the corner and check if the print head stops moving

When the print head doesn't stop moving in one of the directions, although the switches are pressed, there's likely an electrical cause. Check if the limit switches are properly connected to the electronics board.

Still not working? Get in touch by raising a support ticket above.

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