ER201 - Detected nozzle temperature is invalid

If you are encountering this error, then the temperature reading on the temperature sensor is invalid. It is higher than allowed.

This refers to a problem with the PT100 sensor, which is the sensor that measures the temperature of the nozzle. The most likely reason for this is a connection problem, which could either happen due to a bad connection at the main board or damage to the sensor itself.

Caution: Make sure to always turn the Ultimaker off and disconnect the power supply before troubleshooting this error.

First, check at the back of the print head if the PT100 sensor is properly secured in the heater block and that there are no obvious signs of damage. If it seems ok, you can also check the connection of the PT100 sensor to the mainboard. To do this, you will have to remove the cover at the bottom of the Ultimaker.

Caution: Removing the bottom cover will expose the Ultimaker 2+ Connect electronics, which are sensitive to ESD (electrostatic discharge). Make sure to take precautions against ESD damage before proceeding.

  1. Place the Ultimaker on its left side so you can access the bottom of the printer
  2. Use the 2 mm hex screwdriver to remove the two bolts holding the bottom cover in place and put them somewhere safe
  3. Carefully slide the bottom cover out of position and put it aside to reveal the electronics

    Tip: The mainboard (motion controller) is the larger of the two boards, located at the back of the printer. The PT100 for the print head is connected to the front-left side of the board, marked 'H-PT100' (at the bottom in the printer's current orientation)

  4. Make sure this PT100 sensor cable is properly connected to the mainboard. Reconnect the cable if necessary
  5. Additionally, check for obvious signs of damage to the cable and the mainboard

If these steps don't help to resolve the error message, there may be a problem with the PT100 sensor cable or mainboard. For further troubleshooting advice or replacement parts, get in touch by raising a support ticket above.

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