Save log files to USB

Often, the log files of a printer can contain valuable information to help troubleshoot and diagnose what went wrong within a printer. You may be asked by a support representative for log files of your machine. You can obtain the log files from your printer as follows:

  • Ultimaker S5 and Ultimaker S3: From the Preferences overview, click on Maintenance ->Save log files to USB
  • Ultimaker 3: Navigate on your display to System -> Maintenance -> Diagnostics -> Dump logs to USB

Tip: When an error has occurred with the USB stick inserted the files are automatically saved to the USB drive. Please check the USB files first. Log files starting with name "ultimakersystem-" are some of the most important ones.

Save_log_files_S5S3.png Save_to_USB.png

The save log files to USB option is found in the Diagnostics submenu of the Maintenance menu on the S-line printers

The logs will be saved to the USB drive inserted into the printer. When asked for logs, please send all the newly saved files to your support contact.

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