How to perform a clean install of Ultimaker Cura?

To perform a clean install of Ultimaker Cura, it's most important to remove all files stored by the application before re-installing.

Remove Ultimaker Cura

To remove Ultimaker Cura from your system, use the standard tools available to your operating system:

  • Windows: Go to 'programs and features', select Ultimaker Cura and 'uninstall'
  • Mac: Go to 'Applications' and drag Ultimaker Cura to the bin

Delete all files in the configuration folder

Ultimaker Cura stores files in the configuration folder that contain all print profiles, printer configurations, materials, plugins and more. To delete these files:

Reinstall Ultimaker Cura

Go to the Ultimaker website and download the latest version of Ultimaker Cura and complete the installation process. To verify you have performed the steps correctly, you should see the 'Welcome setup' of Ultimaker Cura when opening it for the first time after installing.

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