Why am I getting "Your model has missing or extraneous surfaces" popups in Ultimaker Cura?

When loading a 3D model into Ultimaker Cura, it checks for any errors in the 3D model that prevents the software from successfully slicing the object. This error check prevents unexpected results and helps to determine the issue of the model.

Tip: An easy solution is to download a plugin called 'Mesh Tools' from the Ultimaker Marketplace. This will help identify and repair some imported 3D models that aren't manifold.

Diagnose the loaded model

Ultimaker Cura will automatically show a notification when a 3D model with an issue is loaded. The area that is causing the issue is marked with 'red circles on a green background' to clearly distinguish it from the rest of your model.

Note: When the area causing the issue is extremely small, it might be hard to detect.

Fixing the issue

Ultimaker Cura cannot fix the issue of loaded 3D models for you. In order to ensure the quality and reliability you may expect from our software, please consider the following:

  1. Go back into the 3D design application of your choice and check the models for errors
  2. After finding the issue, change the design to fix it
  3. Export the 3D model again and reload it into Ultimaker Cura

Note: If this does not fix your issue, please consult an experienced 3D designer for tips on exporting solid and issue-free 3D models.

Can I ignore this warning?

Ultimaker Cura allows to slice and print the 3D model, even though the warning is present.

Caution: Slicing models that are not manifold may lead to unexpected print results and can lead to hardware damage in the worst-case scenario. Use the layer view to predict a reliable outcome before printing.

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