How to block support generation with an additional model in Ultimaker Cura

Note: This article describes manually adding custom 3D models to block support generation. As a more user-friendly alternative, try using the built-in support blocker first. When this tool does not suffice, this article may help you out.

You can block the generation of support structures of a part of your model using the per model settings available from the adjustment tools menu. With these few easy steps, your model's support structure will not be generated because of another loaded model:

  1. Load the model you would like to 3D print and an additional model to block support
  2. Select the model you would like to use to block the support, to open the model toolbar on the left side of the screen
  3. Select the fifth tool to open the per model settings
  4. Select the fourth option from the menu 'Don't support overlaps'

Block support overview

  1. Per model settings. Allows to adjust the selected model
  2. Mesh type: Don't support overlaps. Select this mesh type to block support generation with the selected model
  3. Support blocker. Models blocking support are colored translucent grey, in order to keep your other 3D models visible on the build plate


Support blocker result

As a result of the support blocker example in the image above, the support in the punch hole and a little bit of the overhang are blocked.


The print on the left is generated with the support blocker added, the print on the right is generated with the standard support structure as generated by Ultimaker Cura.

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