How to adjust print settings of a part of my model in Ultimaker Cura

You can adjust the print settings of a part of your model using the per model settings available from the adjustment tools menu. With these few easy steps, your model adjusts the print strategy of another loaded model, inheriting all its characteristics:

  1. Select the model you would like to use to adjust print settings, to open the model toolbar on the left side of the screen
  2. Select the fifth tool to open the per model settings
  3. Select the third option from the menu 'Modify settings for overlaps'
  4. Choose from 'infill mesh only' or 'cutting mesh' as the available options

Note: In the example below, we print the 3D model with extruder 1 and its print settings. We print the modifier mesh with extruder 2 and all its print settings. This allows adjusting the print profile per extruder which will be reflected in the 3D print.

Modify overlap settings overview

  1. Per model settings. Allows to adjust the selected model
  2. Mesh type: Modify settings for overlaps. Select this mesh type to adjust print settings of another model it overlaps with
  3. Parameters. The overlapping mesh parameters can be altered with the per model settings or by printing it completely with the other extruder

    Note: When using the 'infill mesh only' type, the 'wall thickness' and 'top/bottom thickness' are set to '0' by default to affect the infill only.

  4. Infill mesh/Cutting mesh. Models printed as an infill mesh or cutting mesh are displayed translucent, so that the affected 3D model remains clearly visible at all times


Infill mesh only

The option 'infill mesh only' ensures the changes of the modifier mesh is only affect the infill of the model you would like to print. The shell, top and bottom layers, support structure and helper parts will not be affected.


1. In the preview mode, set the color scheme option to 'material color' to easily see the effect when printing modifications with two extruders
2. When using multiple infill meshes, easily define what infill mesh has priority with the 'infill mesh order' option available, with the 'select settings' option (which opens the per model settings)

Cutting mesh


The option 'cutting' ensures the changes of the modifier mesh affect the entire model you would like to print. All aspects of your print will be affected; the shell, top and bottom layers and infill. The support structure and helper parts will not be affected.

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