How to print my model as a custom support structure in Ultimaker Cura

You can print a loaded model as a support structure using the per model settings available from the adjustment tools menu. With these three easy steps, your model is treated and printed as support, inheriting all support characteristics:

  1. Select the model you would like to print as support to open the model toolbar on the left side of the screen
  2. Select the fifth tool to open the per model settings
  3. Select the second option from the menu 'Print as support'

Tip: Design the 3D model and the custom support structure you would like to print to fit together in the 3D modeling application, this eases importing and aligning the models later on!

Print as support overview

  1. Per model settings. Allows to adjust the selected model
  2. Mesh type: print as support. Select this mesh type to convert a 3D model to a support structure
  3. Support model. Models printed as support have a 'checkered' appearance


Align models

Models can be aligned in two ways:

  1. Merge models. By far the easiest way to align the support structure and 3D model is to merge them. This will align the models automatically based on the orientation of the design in your 3D modeling software
  2. Manually align. Use the move tool to manually align the support structure and 3D model



From left to right; the prepare view, the custom supports in preview mode, Cura default support structure in preview mode.


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