Synchronizing material profiles

Why do I need to sync material profiles with my printer?

In the Ultimaker Marketplace you can find more than 200 materials, which are compatible with Ultimaker printers. From Ultimaker Cura 4.13 you can now easily synchronize the material profiles to your printers via the Digital Factory.

It is important to have material profiles on your printer because it will have impact on your bed levelling, deprime and print core changing. So the printer knows what to do with the selected material. 

Tip: When loading your material on your printer will select the right profile.

To sync a material profile to the printer, it is important that a stable network connection is established. General troubleshooting of the network connection can be found on this page

Note: To sync your material profiles via Digital Factory you need to have firmware 7.0.1 for Ultimaker S-line printers


How to get your third party materials or custom materials on your printer

  1. Download any material in the Marketplace
  2. Connect to your printer via the Digital Factory. If you are already connected, restart Ultimaker Cura
  3. When Ultimaker Cura starts, you will see a pop-up notification in Ultimaker Cura, click on Sync materials with printersScreenshots-sync1.png
  4. Click on Start Screenshots-sync2.png
  5. You will now see all your connected printers to the Digital Factory with firmware version 7.0.1 or greater, which can receive the material profiles.Screenshots-sync3.png
  6. Click on Sync Screenshots-sync4.png
  7. When the syncing is finished you can click DoneScreenshots-sync5.png


Can I synchronize materials via USB?

You can synchronize materials via USB, see this article how to do this.

How can I connect my printer to the Digital Factory?
To connect your printer to Digital Factory, read this article
Can I also synchronize custom materials?
You can also synchronize custom materials via Digital Factory to your printer.
Can synchronize materials via Local Network?
Via Local Network your materials are automatically send to your printer, so you don't have to synchronize them.
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