Maintenance schedule for S-line printers

To keep your Ultimaker S-line printer in optimal condition we recommend the following maintenance schedule, based on 1,500 printing hours per year:

Every month   Every 3 months  Every year 
Clean the printer (1)   Check for play on the axles   Lubricate the feeder gear
Lubricate the axles (2)   Check tension of short belts   Replace the Bowden tubes
  Check for debris in front fan of print head   Clean system fans
  Check quality of nozzle cover (1)   Lubricate hinges
  Lubricate lead screw Z motor  
  Clean the feeders  
  Clean the print cores (1)  

(1) If you use a CC print core the maintenance frequency and actions will be slightly different. Please look at the CC print core maintenance page for more information.

(2) The X, Y and Z axles do not need lubrication for the first year of using the printer. After this, they should be lubricated monthly.

Tip: If the usage frequency is higher, we recommend performing more frequent maintenance on your printer to ensure optimal printing results.


Maintenance schedule in Ultimaker Digital Factory

In-cloud maintenance scheduling the hassle out of your 3D printer's upkeep. Keep informed of upcoming tasks so that your well-oiled operation stays that way.


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